Bitter Gloom On A Golden Dawn

by Vultures Of Cult

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Released for digital download on 1/25/2015. Limited edition physical releases to follow shortly.

Written and recorded in Burlington, Vermont.
On this album Vultures of Cult is:
Keenan Bouchard: Drums
Logan Bouchard: Bass
Justin Gonyea: Guitar, Vocals, Keys, Percussion
Stephen Sharp: Guitar, Vocals


released January 25, 2015

Engineered/Produced/Mixed/Mastered by Justin Gonyea at Prolific Summer Studio in Burlington, Vermont. Additional engineering by Steve Sharp.



all rights reserved


Vultures Of Cult

Having the most fun not having any fun in Burlington, Vermont since 2007. Currently unsigned, independent and recording/releasing music DIY.

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Track Name: Darkness Breeds The Brightest Light
A world left in flames
Burden to the names
Of our fading sons
Blaspheme, deeds undone
All work and no play
Kills us every day
Spread thin, stretched for miles
Over to much time

Darkness breeds the brightest light
Track Name: Bitter Gloom
Pine wreathed lone lake set in stone
Inland empire kneeling down

Cold hands swing forth, holding on
Bitter gloom on a golden dawn

Burn the golden age
Bring the season's change
We will never look back
Track Name: Golden Dawn
Sun favors God and she won't give in
Fleeting as light on the eve of sin
Didn't I let go

Let loose the heart of a wounded man
Withered in the dark of a godless land
Didn't I let go

Nothing left undone
Nothing left to say
And I'm getting lost in you
My body gives in

God wants love, but not from me
I've been cast out eternally
Nothing makes us passionate
We've lost all touch
Close your eyes, close your mind
We feel dead inside
Open hands and empty hearts
Make us feel alive
We've lost all control
Track Name: Flesh Is A Trap
Shame comes on slow
Weep for The Earth below
Forward we go
Jaded and tame
Into the age
Of our own demise

End of days, buried inside
End of days, hold in the pain

Rain will fall from the sky
To the earth we hold dear
When the Earth coughs up tar
We will fall to an abyss
Rain come down, rain come down
Rain come down, rain come down

End of days, buried inside
End of days, hold in the pain
Track Name: Death Is Just A Door
In a garden filled with light and love and hope
There grows a seed of all the loss to come

In the lust of all we need and all we want
We lost the truth that guided in love's light

Death is just a door
Move through it's threshold
Sullen you walk the line
Jaded through space and time